John (Jack) T. Thorn, PhD

Chairman, DBM Association

Dr. Thorn serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors which oversees the activities of the Distribution Business Management Association, a professorial organization in the supply chain and logistics field founded in 1992, dedicated to producing management level conferences/workshops annually for Fortune 1000 companies. DBM’s annual event, the Supply Chain Leaders in Action (SCLA) Executive Business Forum, is dedicated to helping solve sponsors supply chain/logistics concerns and attracts hundreds of senior management from the nation’s largest companies.

Dr. Thorn holds degrees in Science, Business Administration and Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Clemson University, USC, as well as numerous core sensitive study areas at several additional universities spanning science, manufacturing, communications and supply chain over his forty plus year career. He has held various positions such as professor, teacher, research scientist, CEO, EVP sales & top sales advisor, senior corporate executive in the power industry, manufacturing and the field of supply chain as well as international public speaker.

Dr. Thorn represented the power industry as a leading speaker on world power supply and nuclear energy. He has received many awards in business as well as awards from educational, charitable and cultural institutions. He sat on the governing boards of numerous corporations as well as charitable and cultural institutions. He has contributed to numerous books and magazines on energy, supply chain, logistics, business management, manufacturing, public speaking, sales, curriculum development, and leadership.

His hobbies include reading, archeology, wine (owner of Thorn Hill Vineyards, Napa, CA.), sailing, art, travel, and jazz. Dr. Thorn is also deeply involved with numerous charitable organizations. Dr. Thorn and his wife, son & daughter reside in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with homes in Maryland and California.