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Grace: A Key Aspect of Leadership You May Not Have Considered

As a guest presenter to our SCLA Executive Think Tank group back in mid-November, Antonio "Tony" Castillo, the founder and managing partner of Vigilant Training Group LLC, led a fantastic discussion about dealing with the power of leadership gracefully.

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Collaboration: The Secret that Keeps Supply Chains Running Efficiently

My article today is based on an outstanding recent presentation to our SCLA Executive Think Tank group by Bart A. De Muynck, Chief Industry Officer at project44, who highlighted a little bit of good news in the supply chain world: the spirit of collaboration is getting stronger!

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Demystifying the Digital Twin with Coupa

There's no question about it—the topic of "digital twins" in the supply chain industry is quite buzzy at this moment in time. This is because the digital twin concept promises to substantially mitigate risk.

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Moving Faster: What is Organizational Velocity?

I have spent some time recently reflecting on all the fantastic presentations we've had in our SCLA Executive Think Tank group during the first half of 2022. With discussions about topics as diverse as the effects of home delivery failures and leveraging Big Data to reduce ocean shipping challenges, we have created a powerful forum for supply chain leaders to share knowledge and network. That's priceless.

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Leveraging Big Data to Reduce Shipping Challenges with project44

In late May, the SCLA Executive Think Tank had the pleasure of talking with leaders from supply chain visibility platform project44. The company—often happy to go by simply “p44”—takes its name from a historic transportation and supply chain solution: Highway 44, which in 1953 became the first major bypass for the famous but by then overburdened Route 66.

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New Descartes Study: Home Delivery Failures are Causing Negative Consequences for Retailers

Back at the beginning of March, our SCLA Executive Think Tank group heard a fantastic presentation from our colleague Chris Jones, EVP Industry & Services at Descartes Systems Group. Mr. Jones shared insights from his organization's recently released Ecommerce study, which takes a deep dive into online shopping and home delivery sentiments of North Americans and Europeans as of January 2022.

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Answering Big Questions with the Supply Chain Industry Experts

It’s not news at this point that our supply chains continue to be intensely challenged on just about every front. And, at no time was this more evident than during the 2021 holiday shopping season. (A time when the average consumer got a primary education in some of our biggest challenges based on difficulties they faced in gift shopping.)

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Researchers are Increasing Supply Chain Agility with Cognitive Tools

Recently, our SCLA Executive Think Tank group hosted Dr. Ted Stank, Bruce Chair of Excellence at Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee and collaborator with our colleague Dr. Thomas Goldsby, Dee & Jimmy Haslam Chair in Logistics at Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee.

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Industrial Real Estate Trend Update: Construction is Booming

Back in early 2021, I talked a bit about why it was probably a great time to begin rethinking our industrial real estate holdings. This insight was based on a fantastic presentation about industrial real estate as a competitive weapon by my colleague, Todd Steffen, Vice President, Supply Chain & Real Estate Advisory Services at Colliers International.

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Economic Inclusion in the Supply Chain: What It Is and Why We Need It Now

Our SCLA Executive Think Tank group often hears fantastic presentations from talented teachers and researchers working to solve some of the biggest issues in the supply chain and drive sustainability despite intense external pressures and challenges (many of which have been widely publicized lately).

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Summer 2021 Update: The Latest Big Challenges in The Supply Chain

Back in February, I published an article about the biggest challenges in the supply chain at that moment in time. We were hoping that 2021 would present a year of “smoother sailing” compared to 2020—and in a few ways, it has. However, we’ve also seen new challenges arise.

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Now is the Time to Rethink Traditional Processes in Truckload Procurement

Dealing with a huge amount of change and uncertainty in recent times, both pandemic-driven and otherwise, doesn’t exactly make the supply chain sphere unique right now. But this long moment of change may present a unique opportunity to rethink some traditional processes.

Mitigating Risk in the Supply Chain

A Timely Topic: Mitigating Risk in the Supply Chain

During the month of April this year, our SCLA Executive Think Tank group discussions centered on geopolitical risks to global supply chain sourcing and strategically positioning our supply chains for success.

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Embracing Radical Flexibility and Other Workforce Changes: How One Large Company is Innovating

In my last article, I discussed the one big factor that company leaders need to provide their teams as we continue to move into the future of work in a post-pandemic world.

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Industrial Real Estate as a Competitive Weapon: Connecting to Customers By Getting Closer to Where They Are

In a recent article on LinkedIn, I covered the fact that transforming supply chains from internally-focused to customer-centric operations is the key to unlocking their potential as a competitive advantage—a "weapon" in the battle of building a more successful business.

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3 T's of Transforming the Supply Chain into a Competitive Weapon for Your Organization

Our SCLA Executive Think Tank group has recently embarked on a discussion series centered around the supply chain's potential as a competitive advantage—a "weapon" in the battle of building a more successful business. Many large organizations are beginning to realize that their supply chain can be a powerful differentiator that drives more revenue, though unlocking its power is not easy.

SCLA C-Suite Commentaries: An Insightful Interview Video Series You Won’t Want to Miss

Looking to gain competitive advantage and supply chain effectiveness? Then tune into the SCLA C-Suite Commentaries to learn from my one-on-one conversations with legendary supply chain executives.

5 of the Biggest Challenges in the Supply Chain Right Now, According to Industry Leaders

During a recent SCLA Executive Think Tank group discussion, I asked my fellow supply chain industry leaders what challenges they're facing now that are "keeping them awake at night." Several individuals raised points that are worth sharing with the broader community as we continue to navigate back to smoother sailing in 2021.

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Getting Back to Work Post-COVID: How One Large Company Has Already Safely Achieved This Milestone

I recently published an article on LinkedIn about the idea of "distributed work," which is dramatically reshaping organizations of all sizes both inside and outside the supply chain industry. (The term refers to employees being physically distributed in various locations distant from one another, and it includes those who are working from home due to the pandemic.)

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Does Lean Still Work? Yes. With the Right Culture.

For part of May this year, our SCLA Executive Think Tank group discussions centered around Lean as a process and organizational methodology. We asked the big question on many people's minds: is Lean still viable?

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